Offutt Plumbing, Inc.

Preparing for Winter Weather

1. Open all the doors under your sinks that are located on exterior walls. This will allow the heat to get to the supply pipes.

2. Make sure that your sink drains are working properly. If they are draining properly then you may want to turn on both the hot and cold water equally. You don't need much water flowing just at the rate of a small dribble. Flowing water is less likely to freeze.

3. Make sure that all of the outside spigots and inside shut off valves are turned off and drained properly. Disconnect any hoses that are attached to the outside spigots.

4. Turn up the heat. Make sure to keep the heat up and steady. Most of us have thermostats that are programmed to decrease the heat at night. While we are experiencing these drastic temperatures it is a good idea to make sure that the temperature in your home stays up and even at minimum of 70 degrees, warmer if you can afford it.

The higher than usual heating bill will most likely be less than a service call and certainly less than a broken pipe repair bill.

We hope you find these tips helpful.